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We run our very own sports trading project and welcome everyone from all over the globe to check it out. Again, we not just talking, we're profiting on a daily basis through the project. We don't lose anything if others profit as well, so we share!!






This pattern has been analysed and placed into a mathematical formula. This formula takes into consideration the ground conditions, the individual racetrack, the weights on the horse, Jockey' weight and some other factors that would affect the race. Barring accidents, the results are almost certain. We cannot predict the winner correctly but we can predict which horses will struggle in that particular race, FOR SURE. Based on that, we select the shortest price of the day(not just any donkey) to deliver the best return for our followers.


We trade in forex, commodities and shares as well but none are as easily predictable as a Horse race. Trading the markets is more risky as you could lose more than you invested.


Well thats pretty much bits about us and what we do. Feel free to send your questions to and we'll get back to you as long as you don't ask us for our formula! Good luck!

Our team is very experienced in the sports industry, especially UK HorseRacing. We have analysed over 15 years of results and have noticed a pattern.



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