We have a special deal for all new sign-ups to betfair. If you've never had a betfair account previously and you register for a new account via our site, you can claim £10 from us. Register for a new Betfair account today! To get your £10, please see the instructions below:-


  1. You have to click on any one of the Betfair links on our site as these are tracked to us. It would be good if you clear your browser cookies before doing this, this removes any other cookies that may affect our tracking(we cannot pay if it is not tracked to us).
  2. Once you've completed the registration process, you must activate your account by depositing any amount you like and verify your identity (Betfair allows only one account per person).
  3. Download the poker software, create a player profile and email your poker player/user name to
  4. It can take up to 48 working hours for us to verify your account, once this has been done successfully, we'll send you a £10 token.
  5. Please do not create duplicate accounts as Betfair have very strict security procedures and you accounts will be closed if any suspicious activity is suspected.

Free for NEW Sign-ups Only!