SPORTS TRADING (profit up to 5% per day)


Welcome people... we're not a HYIP and we make money as you make money. You don't have to deposit and wait to earn. You'll be in control of your money... How much you make is really up to you. Withdraw your profits whenever you want.


This system will enable you to earn over 5% per day. Having said that, we all know that the higher the return earned the higher the risk associated with earning that return. So in order to ensure success, it's suggested that the daily return be limited to no more than 5%.


With this system you will make at least 75% profit in a month! Best part is it's free to join.


Our system has been fairly successful in generating the required  return with a staggering 88% success rate. (to say 100% would be nice). We have created a method where the outcome of certain sports can be predicted with reasonable certainty. And the best part is you remain in control! Withdraw when you want stop when you want.


Still interested......


Ok if you are willing to spend no more than 5 minutes a day(if you spend more than that let us know, we'll pay you for the extra time spent.... lol) Our team specialises in UK Horseracing and everyday we're able to spot a definite loser! So far we're 100% for July 2016. We're not asking you to gamble, you can place your investment hours before the event and the returns will be paid back to your account.


First thing you'll need is an account with the best betting exchange in the world.... Betfair! Use the links on our page to get the exclusive welcome bonus... It helps.




If you already have an account.... Fantastic! If not check them out.


Next.... Ofcourse you'll need to fund the account with some money..... don't under fund your account as the system will not work, it just increases your risk. We suggest something like a minimum of 100, you'll be fine.


Once this is done, come back here every day between 0900 and 1100 GMT and check our daily tips and results (link below) *


We normally have at least one selection that would give you a return of about 4% to 5% of your investment. Go to betfair and LAY that horse for the suggested risk factor.


Repeat this everyday, if you want to compound your returns it's up to you but make sure you use the risk factor guide!


Join BETFAIR! here



Generally the system returns a minimum of 75% per month but we have had a few 100% months that have returned over 400% flat and 775% compounded. You do the maths.


Please read the guide here for a successful investment. If you trade in anything else.... still read the guide. Good Luck!


* If you would like us to email you the selection, send us an email requesting for the daily tip. We're happy to email you.