Trading Guide


This guide has been written to help our users to run a profitable project. You may already know some of the guidance notes but sometimes it helps to just read it again.


  1. Although a betting exchange is technically a gambling site, we're not gambling or encouraging our users to gamble. For this project to work, it is important to maintain a tight bankroll management. It does not matter if you start with £10 or £100, the objective is to increase your balance on a daily basis and reach the end goal. We have time to do this.
  2. Try to stay as close as possible to the risk factor as this has been calculated taking into consideration the risk of the selection actually winning. In every race there is a chance that any horse can win but the odds vs risk determine our selection. So if we move away from the risk factor, there is a risk that the project will not achieve it's objective.
  3. In rare occasions, we hit a bad selection. It's important that you do not panic and deviate from the guides. The position can recover and get back on track, that's why we say 75% per month... be realistic.
  4. You should take regular profits out from the project but it's a good practice to re-invest a protion of your profits back in to compound your profits. Profits on profits is the best way to increase your earnings quickly not by increasing your risk. We recommend a profit taking of about 70% and 30% reinvestment.
  5. Sometime the profit growth may seem slow but that's just how it is. In due course, it'll pay off. At an average rate of 3% per day, your balance should double in just 24 days. So please be patient. We stress on patience as there are so many tempting opportunities on offer that it's easy to stray away from the goal.
  6. If you have any difficulty in controlling your urge to place one trade after another then this project is probably not for you. STOP!
  7. Remember the last time we checked I think only around 5% of betfair accounts are in profit, Stay in control! Treat is like a business....
  8. Manage your bankroll efficiently and you'll always be in profit.
  9. Remain focused on the target.